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Welcome to Active Motion Physical Therapy Services

Active Motion Rehab

At Home Active Motion Physical Therapy Services provides our patients with unmatched one-on-one attention by providing you services in your own home. Unlike outpatient or sub-acute facilities, our therapists provide you with care in your own natural environment, which allows for maximum rehabilitation.

Specializing in the care of older adults and the elderly, our expert and highly trained staff will help you get the most out of your program with patience and compassion.  Learn More about At Home Physical Therapy.

At Home Physical Therapy

We Come to You!

While physical therapy can be done in any setting, including a traditional office or hospital, At Home Physical Therapy Services come to your home, which leads
to a more personal and beneficial rehabilitation program.

• Rehabilitate in the place where you are most comfortable and secure.

• Therapists get to know you in your natural environment and can cater your program accordingly.

• Your home offers the ultimate privacy.

• Eliminates the hassles of traveling or finding transportation to and from
traditional facilities.

• Eliminating travel gives you more time to spend with your family, friends and living your independent life.

• Less missed sessions, so you get the most out of your rehabilitation.

• No distractions by other patients, office phones, office staff, etc.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Like any exercise program, home care therapy improves overall wellness leading to a better quality of life.

• Increased strength and endurance leading to fewer falls and less injury when a fall does occur.

• Increased athletic ability.

• Exercise releases the natural chemicals endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine resulting in more energy, less anxiety and less stress.

• Exercise helps patients get a better night’s sleep, improving overall well-being.

• Patients feel happier, more confident and have a more positive outlook when they exercise regularly.

Fall Prevention Education

Each year thousands of older Americans fall at home. Falls cause serious injuries such as broken bones, cuts, hematomas and even death. Falls are due to hazards that are overlooked and with a few simple lifestyle changes you can make your home a safer place.

Use non-slip backing on your rugs and tack down loose ends. Over time, non-slip backing loses its grip so replace as needed. Place a non-slip mat on the floors of bathrooms and tubs as tile becomes extremely slippery when wet. If possible, install handrails.

Keep stairs well lit and clutter free. Use handrails and banisters for support. Avoid stepstools in the kitchen by keeping commonly used items within easy reach.

Don’t let spills linger. Wipe them up immediately.

Make sure all rooms are adequately lit and remove low-lying objects like coffee tables and furniture that is on wheels.

Keep rooms clutter free by removing books, magazines, electial wires and other objects.

Wear the proper footwear. Replace loose fitting slippers with ones that can fit properly and avoid wearing shoes with non-skid soles.

Robes, skirts and pants should be hemmed to a proper length.

Click here for Common Questions Regarding Fall Prevention


• Impaired Balance
• Impaired Ambulation
• Impaired Ability To Transfer
• Impaired Bed Mobility
• Weight Bearing Restriction
• Poor Endurance for Functional Activity
• Decrease ROM/Joint Contractures
• Decreased Muscle Strength
• Home Safety/Modification
• Prosthetic/Orthotic Training
• Impaired Stair Climbing
• Caregiver Instruction/Establish Home Program
• Frequent Falls
• Pain with Movement
• Use of Assistive Devices

Injuries Treated

We treat a variety of conditions, injuries and Post-Op procedures including:

• Total knee replacement
• Total hip replacement
• Generalized deconditioning caused by decreased activity due to injuries or hospital stays
• Gait abnormality
• Arthritis
• Lower back pain
• Fibromyalgia
• Parkinson’s Disease

Our Programs

We offer personalized plans

All of our patients are unique and you can expect your program to be catered to your needs, abilities and lifestyle. Even if you have limited mobility, we will work with you to develop a program that will enable you to move about as freely as possible.

We provide you with a vast array of services that will help restore your body to its peak performance. Every highly trained therapist has his or her own specialty. Our therapeutic exercises will help improve overall body strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.

Therapists will also provide healing massages to relieve muscle pain or spasms and complications from edema.

Patients need not worry that their home does not have specialized equipment offered in many formal offices. Our therapists come to your home prepared with the equipment they need to assist you with your program. We will also provide you modality applications like electric stim machines, heat packs or ice packs when appropriate.

Physical Involvement

We believe the continuity of care amongst your care team is essential to your success so we keep your doctors involved every step of the way. To start your treatment, simply obtain a prescription from your physician. Then, our highly skilled therapists develop an individualized plan of care to meet your specific needs. Periodically, progress notes will be sent to your physician to keep them abreast of your progress.

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