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Fall Prevention Education

Each year thousands of older Americans fall at home. Falls cause serious injuries such as broken bones, cuts, hematomas and even death. Falls are due to hazards that are overlooked and with a few simple lifestyle changes you can make your home a safer place.

Use non-slip backing on your rugs and tack down loose ends. Over time, non-slip backing loses its grip so replace as needed. Place a non-slip mat on the floors of bathrooms and tubs as tile becomes extremely slippery when wet. If possible, install handrails.

Keep stairs well lit and clutter free. Use handrails and banisters for support. Avoid stepstools in the kitchen by keeping commonly used items within easy reach.

Don’t let spills linger. Wipe them up immediately.

Make sure all rooms are adequately lit and remove low-lying objects like coffee tables and furniture that is on wheels.

Keep rooms clutter free by removing books, magazines, electial wires and other objects.

Wear the proper footwear. Replace loose fitting slippers with ones that can fit properly and avoid wearing shoes with non-skid soles.

Robes, skirts and pants should be hemmed to a proper length.

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